Gordon Mayer is a writer and storyteller who has been ensuring all stakeholders have voice in shaping effective and fair policy for more than 20 years. 

He started working as a communications consultant in 2016, after a decade leading national advocacy, leadership development and capacity-building organizations. Previously he served as development and communications director at Gamaliel Foundation, operations director at People’s Action, and vice president of Public Narrative. He focuses on helping nonprofits and businesses with complex stories to share their work and impact with the people they care about (their base and customers, funders and partners, moms and dads…)

Gordon is an accidental techie and social media communicator. Managing tech and planning, creating and sharing digital content have been core parts of every position he has held over the past decade. He has experience developing and implementing Salsa and civiCRM databases and using WordPress, Drupal, and Wix as well as social tools to support engagement and fundraising.

Previously he worked as a journalist with the Gary Post-Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Chicago Defender, and studied the history of Chicago’s newspapers to earn a master’s degree at University of Chicago. He is vice-chair of the board of Woodstock Institute. He lives in Hyde Park with his wife, two kids, and one cat.