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In 2011, Midwest Generation, a power company, was facing daunting challenges with new environmental regulations that sought to shut down two of its power plants. A complaint report presented by local environmental organizations maintained that power plant emissions were producing fatal health problems among residents.

Si! was in charge of developing a flow of communication with media reporters and leaders who had adopted an adverserial position against the company and were reluctant to meet with Midwest representatives.

Si!, refused to take “no” for answer and adopted a unique approach tobridge the chasm that the subject had created between Midwest on one side and community leaders,the news media and elected officials on the other.

It was imperative to find a way for Midwest Generation to share its side of the story.

Si! orchestrated outreach efforts to increase awareness about the progress that Midwest Generation had made to reduce emissions through its enormous investment in cleaner technologies for its coal-fired plants.

The campaign engaged with local organizations, residents and businesses in areas adjacent to Midwest power plants in Illinois. It educated them about the energy industry and the extensive pollution remediation work by Midwest Generation.. It demonstrated the great environmental benefits achieved by the new technology, and the adverse impact of closing the coal plants, including the loss of hundreds of jobs, the possible instability of the electric grid and increasing consumer power rates.

Alejandra and team implemented an aggressive media and community relations campaign in several counties. The campaign, running from 2011 through 2014, allowed for a smooth transition when NRG merged with Midwest Generation.